Corporate culture

People first , team cooperated , innovatin & diligence , surmounting ourselves
People first:Our company understand deeply and regard talents as the most precious wealth,a excellent and dilligent innovative staff team is the motivity of company development ,hence,the company advocates respecting, understanding and communicating ,and strive to creat a more loose and simpatico company atmosphere,and at the same time,it encourage employees reach their self-value via diligently hard work,the staff's contribution to the company will be fully reciprocated, which is a important goal of the company.
Team cooperated:when human division of labor in society more and more detailed, cooperation become more and more important,a cohesiveness fulled team is not only the base of company effective running,but also good condition for staff's progress and development,hereby,the company advocates co-target responsibility and team spirit,continuously increase the cohesiveness.
Innovation & Diligence : The diligence is the foundation of success, and diligence inspire innovation, both so to enterprise and staff,hence, the company call on innovation on the basis of diligence.
Surmounting oneself:
Try one's best to prefect oneself and fulfill one's self-value,which is forever pursuit of the company and staff.
One should aspire to keep honest,be calm when deals with every thing,one with great plan,he must be sincere.
Creation:The creation consciousness of pursueing excellence, which is the spiritual key mood of Xinlong Down Co.Ltd, exploiting market will green the world ,and will surmount the dream , will realize the green dream.
Change:Adapt to and pursue the constant change.
Company Policy:
Have a foothold by specialization and win the market by service.Speciality means bringing sincere and thoughtful service through the norm,perfect,and rigorous management system of company and the rich specilized knowledge of staff,service means through untiring endeavor and creation,make out the client's surface and inherent requiremets,and fulfill even excess their demands.